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Page No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7-8. 9. 10. 11-12. 13. Introduction Access to Systems and Services Internet Access Virus Protection Email and Moodle Use Tips for Safe Web Surfing Acceptable Use Policy for Network Access Health and Safety Tips Access to Data and Information Online Safety Information Security Policy Statement

STUDENTS WORK You are responsible to backup current work and keep it safe. Work should be backed up to a pen drive on-line service such as you college Sky drive account.



The purpose of information security management is to preserve: Confidentiality: data and information can only be seen by those authorised to see ...view middle of the document...

Remember Everyone is responsible for information security.

Policy Objective
To ensure each user:


• Signs the acceptable use policy • Is authorised and allocated a unique login and password to relevant
college systems (Network, Email, Moodle and Firefly)

• Is allocated access rights by the college network administrator in line with their role within
college (Staff or student)

Do Should :Users
Use password with a minimum length of 6 characters Choose passwords with a mixture of characters, special characters and numbers Keep passwords private Change the password when prompted to do so Change the password if you think it has been compromised Take regular backup copies of your work - VITAL Users Don't Should Not :Write your password or logon identifier down Leave passwords on notes affixed to or near your PC Store your passwords on your PC Reuse old passwords Leave systems logged on when you have finished or are away from your desk Use an account other than your own. Store non-academic files on network drives

Remember Your Login and password are for your own personal use and must be kept private.



Policy Objective
To provide individual, authorised access to the Internet and associated services, including access to JANET.

Only use your login account to access the Internet or Moodle Virus scan all downloaded files prior to being opened or executed Log off when you have finished or are away from your desk Save web pages to disk, rather than print them out

Use Internet e-mail services to send personal or confidential information Access the Internet from an account other than your own without prior approval from the account owner Download unauthorised or unlicensed software Access, view or download information, graphics, pictures etc. that are defamatory, obscene, racist, sexist, of a criminal nature or are not connected to the business of the college. Use the Internet to set up or run a personal business Allow students to use the Internet unsupervised Input credit card details on the Internet Attempt to bypass any internet filters or security

The internet provides access to a variety of information bases, both good and dubious and it is not a secure means of communication it is your responsibility to ensure it is used appropriately.

Policy Objective
To protect against virus software attacks by ensuring recognised anti virus software is installed and is updated at an appropriate frequency.


Ensure that the anti virus software is operating on the PCs and laptops Check all media, e.g. floppy discs, CDs etc., each time they are used Scan e-mail attachments before reading or executing them Ensure all files downloaded from the Internet are virus scanned before use Ensure all files downloaded from other external sources are virus scanned before use Report ALL virus attacks immediately Have an...

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