The Sun Our Star Essay

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Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____ 1. Granulation is caused by
|a. |sunspots. |
|b. |rising gas below the photosphere. |
|c. |shock waves in the corona. |
|d. |the solar wind flowing away from the corona. |
|e. ...view middle of the document...

|c. |corona. |
|d. |sunspots. |
|e. |magnetic field. |

____ 4. A filtergram is a photograph of the sun's surface made
|a. |in a band of wavelengths in the infrared. |
|b. |in a band of wavelengths in the ultraviolet. |
|c. |using the Zeeman effect. |
|d. |with only those photons emitted in a specific spectral line. |
|e. |none of the above |

____ 5. Modern astronomers suspect the corona is heated by
|a. |shock waves rising from below the photosphere. |
|b. |the solar wind. |
|c. |the solar magnetic field. |
|d. |all of these |
|e. |none of these |

____ 6. Sunspots are known to be magnetic phenomena because
|a. |Doppler shifts in spectral lines are observed. |
|b. |the Zeeman effect is observed in sunspots. |
|c. |collisional broadening is observed in spectral lines. |
|d. |infrared observations indicate that the sunspots are cooler than their surroundings. |
|e. |observations during eclipses reveal a very extensive photosphere. |

____ 7. The solar constant is a measure of
|a. |the amount of solar energy reaching the earth. |
|b. |the length of the sunspot cycle. |
|c. |the period of rotation of the sun's equator. ...

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