The Story Of Ester Essay

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Esther: Strength in Submission
Shirley Johnson and Jessica Bogart
MidAmerica Nazarene University: Biblical Leadership Perspectives
January 19, 2016

Great leadership takes the form of many different characteristics—courage, wisdom, confidence, determination, faithful, persuasive, and patience. Several of these characteristics become a common theme across great leaders. However, submission is rarely upheld as a competency of outstanding leadership. Esther showed strength in her submission, subtlety, and humility, which led to saving her cousin and the rest of her people.
The story of Esther begins with the displacement of Queen Vashti. King Xerxes became ...view middle of the document...

However, Esther comes up with a clever plan to approach the king and invite him and Haman to a banquet.
Esther relied heavily on her faith prior to requesting an audience with the king. Esther, Mordecai and her hand maidens fasted for three days seeking wisdom from God. On the fourth day Esther dressed in royal clothing approached king Xerxes, and he was pleased with her. The king was so pleased with Esther he stated she could have anything, up to half of the kingdom. Esther requested a banquet (luncheon) with the king and Haman. The day of the luncheon came and the king asked Esther of her request she simply asked for another meeting on the following day.
The following day when Esther met with the king and Haman, Esther disclosed the fate of her people. When Xerxes heard of the plot of Haman he became outraged and walked out of the room. When he reentered the room Haman was placed on his knees begging Esther for his life. Xerxes thought he was trying to rape Esther and ordered Haman’s...

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