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The Son Of God Essay

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In the beginning was the word….Those are the first words of the Gospel of John and the first words spoken by the old, beloved disciples in the movie Son of God. He’s recalling the wondrous days when he walked with the Christ, when he spoke with Him and ate with Him, when he watched Him die and saw Him rise again. He tells us that Jesus was surely the Son of God. With all that John saw, how could he think otherwise? And so, in his old age, he decides to tell us about it too so that we might believe this movie tell the story of Jesus birth, His miracles, His teaching, His torture, His death and His resurrection. It is good to tale again for the sake of some people who may ...view middle of the document...

He is a good teacher because He loved people. He wanted to help people learn about God. Jesus loved grown-ups, He loved children too and children liked to be with Jesus because He would talked to them and listen to them. Jesus used different teaching methods like first is the Adaptability where Jesus adapted His teaching to the type of hearer with whom He was dealing. Second is Conversation. Jesus was more of a conversationalist than an orator. He walked with people and talked with them. He sat and spoke of soul matters. He was interested in individuals recognizing the value of each soul. He used the dialogue method, sometimes posing questions Himself and sometimes responding to questions of others. Third is the use of Repetition. One important aspect of the teaching method of Jesus was His practice of repeating His sayings. Fourth is Illustration. Jesus made frequent use of metaphors, often of the most striking kind. His self-description as light, door, vine and shepherd are drawn from common illustration which where all the more effective. Fifth is Story Telling. Jesus used stories of real events both historical and current. Last is Mentoring. Jesus taught many people and preached to multitudes. He touched many lives. He also called out 12 people who walked with Him, talked with Him, lived with Him and watched Him up close. Jesus invested heavily into their lives so that they could impart the same investment to others.
As I reflect to myself as a teacher, I am too far as I compare myself with Jesus on how He is as a teacher. For my nine years teaching experience, 4 years in private and five years in the public school I can say that I try to give my best to my students in order for them to give a good quality education but sometimes I know that my best are not good...

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