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The Six Scientific Thinkin Principals Essay

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The Six Principals of Scientific thinking

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Various scientific concepts have greatly impacted the manner in which people approach everyday issues as well as think about life in general. The six scientific principles of thinking happen to be the concept, which has greatly affected people’s thinking as well as reasoning behavior. This concept is dependent on the primary aspects of psychology. It is applied within each and every level of scientific thinking categories. This only means that such principles are utilized in tests, problem solving, as well as solution valuations. All scientific thinking, which take part in ...view middle of the document...

htm, (Do Human Beings have Immortal souls?)” there is an argument that human beings possess invisible souls. It claims death amounts to the absence of the soul. The question is why Christians are so sure that there is another life that starts immediately after a person dies, given that it is very clear that a dead person has no soul any more. The argument that “all people have invincible souls” is not wrong necessarily, however, it happens to be unfalsifiable due to lack of evidence that could disapprove it conceivably.

Occam’s razor

This is as well referred to as the principle of parsimony. In this principle, if 2 hypotheses describe a situation equally well, the simpler explanation should the one selected (Scott, Steven, Laura, & Nancy, 2010). Pati Gima, the author of an article, “How fault is determined in rear end collision,” tries to describe what happens for a car to end up in a rear-end collision. The author explains that multitasking as a key distracter of drivers resulting to such a situation mostly. Another person may say that most drivers end up in rear end collisions because they happen to have headaches while driving. Here, Patti Gimma’s explanation is much simpler hence should be selected.


This principal entails a person evaluating a psychological claim to ask themselves whether the findings supporting such a claim have been imitated by independent investigators. The World Health Organization in their website describes key facts about Zika virus. This information is based on scientific research (WHO, 2016). Their research findings on the facts concur with that of other scientists. If case such findings did no...

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