The Sin Bin Or Lucy's Heart

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The sin bin or Lucy’s heart
I can see Lucy walking straight in my direction. She looks a little nervous, but focused on the same time. It has been a while since I have talked to her. It was before she became Bethan’s best friend. I miss her sometimes, but when I see her with Bethan, she is not the same Lucy I knew. She has changed a lot. I do not hope that she is pretending to be someone she is not.
“Penny!” Lucy catches me in my way out of the door.
“Oh. Hi Lucy” I am a bit confused. What does she ...view middle of the document...

Now she hurries back to Bethan who is waiting for her at the other side of the schoolyard. It is all really confusing at that point.
The time before my meeting with Lucy goes too slowly. I cannot wait to see what she wants from me. After school I walk down the subway to look for Lucy, but I cannot find her. Is this just a stupid joke? I cannot stop thinking that, until she appears out of nowhere. She comes straight to me with no sense of hesitation. Suddenly her hand hits my face, and a pain spreads through my whole body. I do not think it is just physic pain, because it really hurts that she could do that. The hitting part just reminds me of my dad, who used to hit my mom. My eyes are filled with tears now, and there is a crowd of people who is staring and shouting at us. If she hates me, why can she not just keep leaving me alone? Honestly I do not believe that Lucy is that kind of person. She knows better than that. But Bethan stands there, in the background secretly watching us and looking satisfied. Lucy does not say anything, she just walks back to Bethan, and they leave. I actually feel sorry for Lucy. I want her to stay strong, with or without Bethan.

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