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The United States constitution is the first written constitution of modern times. Now more than two hundred years have passed, the constitution still has vitality. As justice Louis Brandeis said,”the doctrine of the separation of powers is not to promote efficiency, but to preclude the exercise of arbitrary power.” I agree with him. The separation of powers impresses me most.
According to the constitution, the government is separated into three branches-Legislative, Executive and Judicial. Congress has the sole power to legislate. Executive power is vested in the President ...view middle of the document...

In this way, each of the three branches of government can limit the powers of the others and guarantee that no one branch becomes too powerful and make sure that the power is balanced between them.
In my opinion, separation of power is a must. In the first place, it can restrict power and preclude the exercise of arbitrary power. As Montesquieu-the father of the separation theory said,” All those who have power are easy to abuse of power, this is an unchangeable experience.” Democracy may easily be destroyed by dictatorship without power restriction. Thus, it is a real need to control powers of both socialist country and capitalist countries. In the next place, public opinions can be expressed better. In a truly democratic society, people can fight for their rights easily than absolutist countries.
Sadly, the constitution of china does not make the achievement that America’s has already made. China is still a one-party state. What’s worse, the reason, which even officials who do not support the idea of western-style separation of powers acknowledge, is that the party itself is above the law. Some fundamental rights such as freedom of speech which are written in the constitution are never realized.
In a word, the separation of powers is represents political democratization. As a law school student, political democratization is worth my whole life to pursue.

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