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The Secret Conscience Essay

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I am the oldest child of four. I was born in Berkeley California and raised in two homes one in North Oakland which was with my Father and Grandmother, and the other in Hayward with my Mother, Step Father and other siblings. At times following rules for two separate households became overwhelming for me.
I believe that because of my childhood, I used what I went through as a child to set the platform for my future. I hated how I was treated by my stepfather and made a promise that I would dedicate my life to helping children in trouble situation.
Growing up at my Fathers and Grandmothers house was very different than at my Mothers and Step Father home. I was able to relax and free my ...view middle of the document...

Quickly my third grade teacher Ms. Robinson noticed the shift in my behavior and took it upon herself to get to the bottom of what was transforming me into this unhappy child. At that moment because of Ms. Robinson caring personality she stepped in and helped change my life for the better. I will always be grateful for Ms. Robinson and acknowledge her for going above and beyond of her teaching duties and stepping out to help a child that couldn’t help herself. I always held the relationship Ms. Robinson and I have very close to my heart. Her nice treatment over twenty years ago guided me in the direction of wanting to be a teacher. So I set out to be a teacher. I have been a Sunday school teachers, I have been a summer camp instructor, I have volunteered in many classrooms and constantly I find myself involved with many community activities that give back to the less fortunate.
I love working with children. When I first start thinking about my career job I wanted to be a third grade teacher due to the influence Ms. Robinson had on me and I’m still passionate about teaching. But as I get older and began working with older youth I have begun to reevaluate what I really want to do.
Even though throughout my life I have always had an idea and plan for my future, sometimes I feel like my life has lacked direction. I’m very good at starting something but following through and completing my goals I constantly find myself falling short. About a year ago I had the opportunity to be a foster parent to a trouble youth. Every day I gave her encouraging words and told her even when things get hard don’t give up keep trying until you succeed. These kinds of talks went on daily between her and I. Then one Thursday morning after dropping her off to school I began thinking and reevaluating my life. I didn’t regret where I was in life but that little voice deep down inside of me began poking at me. I had to question myself on what it was I really wanted to be doing. Here I was every morning giving advice to someone on how to never give up, and to always finish whatever you start. It never dawn on me before this day that I wasn’t leading by example and practicing what I was preaching. So that very next day I began taking the steps and doing what I needed to do to reapply for San...

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