The Scientific Method Sci 230 Essay

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The Scientific Method
Lauren Kridzelis
January 13, 2013
David Graves

The Scientific Method
There are six steps to the scientific method, and they are: observation, question, hypothesis, prediction, conclusion, and results. (Simon, E. J., Reece, J. B., & Dickey, J. L., 2010, p. 15) Each step serves a different purpose throughout the process. The basic explanation of the scientific method is that it begins with an observation, in this case the activity I chose was to figure out why my car wasn’t starting. Asking a question is the 2nd step, and the ...view middle of the document...

My prediction happened to be correct. Based on the photo of the man looking very satisfied because his car was fixed, I chose “the car started, my hypothesis is supported.” So, the results are that the car started when I replaced the fuses. My hypothesis is supported.
A real life event where I applied the scientific method actually happened just the other day when I went to watch a movie on my DVD player with a friend. My initial observation was that the speakers that came with the DVD player weren’t working, only the regular television volume. The next thing I did was to ask myself “why aren’t the speakers working?” I then had to make a hypothesis, this being that a plug was loose or in the wrong spot. My prediction would be that the flashlight would turn on if I fixed the wires. After my prediction I performed the experiment by looking behind the DVD player and checking the wires. The result turned out to be that I was right, there was a plug out of place, and my hypothesis was supported. My full conclusion would be: “The speakers worked when I plugged in the loose wire. My hypothesis is supported”.

Simon, E. J., Reece, J. B., & Dickey, J. L. (2010). Campbell essential biology with physiology (3rd ed.). San Francisco, CA: Pearson Benjamin Cummings.

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