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The Scientific Method Essay

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Scientific Method


For the Scientific Method activity I chose the car experiment. I had to test many theories before I found the right problem. Naturally the first thing that comes to ...view middle of the document...

I used the steps for scientific method by testing all of my theories and drawing a conclusion. First I had to figure out which problem that I thought the car was having. Then I had to test each theory to see which problem was making the car not start. Once I figured out which issue it was the car was fixed.
There have been so many times that I should have used the Scientific Method to find the problem but unfortunately I did not. I tend to have a lot of car issues. I have gone through about four cars in the last three years pretty much because I did not know what was wrong with them. If I would have come up with a couple theories and then tested them. Maybe I could have saved the car before I completely blew it up. For the future when I start having car issues I will try and use the Scientific Method to solve the issue before it turns out badly. First I would make an observation about the issue. I will try and decide what I think the problem may be. Then I will make hypotheses and then test them. So after I test them I will draw a conclusion whether or not that I actually fixed the problems. I think that these steps could be very helpful in everyday life. If I would actually take the time to make observations, hypotheses, predictions, and draw conclusions I might find answers too many issues that I have.

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