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The Roles And Responsibilities Of A Teacher

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The Roles and Responsibilities of the Teacher

There are many roles and responsibilities of the teacher, these have somewhat changed

from my experiences at school. Teachers would stand at the front of the classroom and

deliver a lesson using only the blackboard and chalk. The teacher was considered the

knowledge fountain.

As I explore the various roles and responsibilities of the teacher I will show the importance

of ensuring the student is given varied tools and opportunities in order to learn and

progress through education and life.

A teacher is not just someone who delivers curriculum content to learner's. The

responsibilities stretch as far as safeguarding children. For example if I thought a student

was suffering abuse at home or was homeless it is my duty to report this to the

safeguarding representative in college. I as a ...view middle of the document...

The best teachers I have had through school and college would draw upon their own

experiences in order to deliver information. Not only did this sometimes simplify situations

or learning processes but it also made learning relevant. Kolb (1984) supports this theory,

he states: ' Learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the

transformation of experience.'

Kolb's process also says that after experience follows reflection on that experience on a

personal basis. This links to my opinion of this theory providing relevance and simplicity.

This also helps teachers confidently motivate and encourage their learner's by stimulating

their students mind because 'it is they who provide the impetus and stimulus that are the

beginning of many a research project (Henry Clay Lindgren p.13).

The more teachers can vary their learning the more likely all students will benefit from this,


if all students sat in front of a blackboard in rows and just listened to the teacher, not all

learner's would understand so ' if the teacher talks to students some might benefit, but

others may not' (Reece & Walker p.3).

By playing with lesson styles and incorporating Kolb's theory of learning teachers will

deliver a much more interesting way of learning which in turn will motivate learner's to get

the best out of the lesson: ' In order to be motivated to learn, students have to be

interested in their work' (Reece & Walker p.6).

In conclusion the statement 'the roles and responsibilities of the teacher' is defined in

many different ways, some of which I haven't even discussed. In my opinion Safeguarding

and learning techniques are two very important aspects in the role of a teacher, both of

which have given me the knowledge and understanding to become a successful educator.


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