The Role Of The Engineer In The Value Chain

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The Role of the Engineer in the Value Chain
49680: Value Chain Engineering Systems Assignment 1
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Table of Contents
1. Summary 5
2. Introduction 6
3. Value Chain 7
4. Engineering in Value Chain 9
4.1 Inbound Criterions 10
4.2 Warehouse management Criterions 11
4.3 Logistics Operation Specifications Criterions 11
5. Conclusion 14
6. Reference 15

Table of Figures
Figure 1 Supply chain of a Router 7
Figure 2 Engineering Value Chain model 9

This report focuses on the key component of a business, which is Value Chain. Value Chain, as Michael Porter's definition is those activities that add value to the products and/or service provided by the ...view middle of the document...

A manager should be highly aware of a supply chain to be able to manage his / her company's operations. There are many definitions of supply chain, and one could be:
Supply chain composes all of stakeholders such as raw material suppliers, accessory suppliers, workers, supervisors, warehouse, logistics, distributors and retailers that involved, directly or indirectly, in delivering a product or service from supplier to end-user.
The Figure 1 illustrates a basic supply chain for a telecommunication router.

Figure 1 Supply chain of a Router
Raw material such as IC (Integrated Circuit), PCB (Printed Circuit Board), plastic, paper etc. are purchased and stored in the warehouse. Afterwards they are sent to the lines and assemble to parts. Those parts are called Work-in-Process Goods; they are subsequently sent to the lines to become Finished Goods. After the finished products are certified under a quality check (QC) they are packaged and moved to the warehouse. The warehouse is used as a buffer, which means unsold goods will remain there until transferred to the distributor and retailer.

Recently, demand chain has been paid more attention. Demand chain analysis has a larger scope because it focuses on understanding demand of customer or end-user in term of using material and product; and continuously improves the ability to meet market needs of product and service development. Demand chain is linked with logistics; they are spanning to the whole value chain and obviously related closely to supply chain. In other words, customers express the demand to the supply chain and consequently the needed products and services and pulled between entities in the supply chain system.

Engineering in Value Chain
Engineers play a very important role in a company's value chain. In general, they take part in five steps along the product lifecycle (Zhang, Y. & Gregory, M. 2011)

Figure 2 Engineering Value Chain model

Due to the limitation of this report, Overseas Warehousing Logistics Management Standards for a telecommunication vendor will be taken in to consideration. Only specific roles of engineer will be discussed, other roles will be omitted.
Inbound Criterions
Factors | Control Points | Operation Standards | Executor |
| | | |
| | | |
The transfer of receiving requisition | Check goods and Vendor Delivery Note | Check the consistency of Vendor Delivery Note and goods, count goods and check the outlook of goods. | Warehouse keeper |
| | Check the goods with the vendor delivery note, count goods and check the outlook of goods. | Engineer and collaborate sub-contractor |
| Feedback abnormity | If there is abnormity (for example the damage or loss of goods, label on out-packing is abnormal), logistics specialist should be informed, abnormity points and cases should be marked on the Vendor Delivery Note and delivered should be asked to signature on it. Preserve the packing material, identifiers and photo as well as other proofs. |...

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