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The Role Of Board Of Regents And Board Of Trustees In Higher Education

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The Role of Board of Regents and Board of Trustees in Higher Education
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The Role of Board of Regents and Board of Trustees in Higher Education
This essay intends to discuss the role of the Board of Regents and those of the Board of Trustees. Both phrases refer to higher education governing boards. The Board of Trustees is the most common term. Universities and colleges in the United States of America are managed by boards of trustees, regents, or other correspondingly titled entities. With regard to their place in the ordered structure, such boards are comparable to the Boards of directors in companies and corporations. America’s higher education is exclusive ...view middle of the document...

The trustees or the regents are appointed or elected to the board for a specific term that may be renewed. Many institutions work conscientiously to make certain that the board consists of members who act for the diverse needs of the lecturers, students, and support staff.
By law, the board of trustees or regents is the governing body of an institution of higher learning. It draws its authority from the charter of the institution. The board of Trustees has fiduciary responsibilities, which rest on four recognized pillars: the duty of loyalty, care, obedience and to act in good faith. They are charged with the role of acting constructively on behalf of those individuals whose wellbeing depends on the trust. The duty of loyalty prohibits them from putting other interests before those of the trust. The duty of care necessitates that they accord full attention to their duties as a trustee. The duty of obedience refers that they have a role of promoting the mission of the organization. Finally, the duty of acting in good faith requires that they exercise diligence, competence, as well as impartiality when implementing the roles to which they are elected or appointed. They have a role of ensuring they perform these fiduciary duties failure of which can make vulnerable the good name of the board and institution as well as grind down public confidence in higher education (Mactaggart, 2008).
Boards of Trustees and Regents have a duty to educate. It is the most fundamental trust placed in the care of the board. The duty infers that the institution has to educate effectively. The board, therefore, has to ensure that the students receive quality education. To achieve this, they are required to select a President of the institution who believes in a sound education. The board is thus required to select and evaluate institutional presidents. Additionally, it is required to review institutional performance (Utah System of Higher Education, 2013).
Further, the board of trustees has the role of establishing board policies. The members of the boards are expected to discuss, outline, and implement statements of expectations for their fellow board members. They should draft policies covering disclosure of existent or potential conflicts of...

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