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The Road Essay

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In The Road by Cormac McCarthy, It is said that fear is the strongest motivator in the world. People in fear are willing to do whatever, go beyond any border and forget all rules. Fear can easily take over our mind and control our every move. But how much does it take to push a person beyond his limits? What kind of a fear can make us forget everything about humanity and morals? These questions are one of the main themes in Cormac McCarthy’s novel ”The Road”

We are all afraid of different things. Some are afraid to lose their family and friends others on the other hand their money and possessions. Cormac McCarthy’s great novel ”The Road” tells us a story of a post-apocalyptic world where ...view middle of the document...

Those, who have survived the so called “end of the world” will now do everything they can to survive. This constant fear of death and starvation has driven people to cannibalism. The cruelest ones even keep a human farm and eat the prisoners piece by piece everyday. A mother who in addition to all other fears, is afraid of her newly born child. So afraid, that she is willing to kill the infant and even feed on it. As much as I try to understand this action, without being in her position, it is impossible. These events in the novel really make the reader wonder, where does the border between humanity and cruelty meet. How desperate fear can push us that far?

Every person is afraid of something and every day we face those fears. In our society, it is normal to be afraid of an exam, a job interview, a surgery or even mice and spiders. As much as there are different people there are different fears and phobias. We like to think that fear is something that motivates us to do something, to act. Fear helps us to be cautious and also shows us our vulnerability. On the other hand, constant fear can drive people crazy and make them forget about the line between wrong or right. It is so difficult for us to really understand how the characters in Cormac McCarthy’s novel...

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