The Right To Privacy And Peeping Tom Journalism

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Nowadays the media play a great role in a usual life of society. It influences our opinion, help us to make the correct choice sometimes and also open the view on almost any fact or personality we are interested in. The role of media plays too great part in the political process also, especially when it is time to elect a new president or a prime minister. It opens curtains on every private peculiarity about the candidate: with whom he meets and what he eats. Sometimes the information is becoming ridiculous. Do we need such a close look to someone’s private life? Most of the information is just riveting but not useful. But peeping Tom journalism becomes more and more demanded.
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Everyone has a right to privacy, and it is not a fair game to scrutiny them. The reporters sometimes have an endless hunger for any peculiarities to be sensationalized. They do not care what price celebs pay.
Celebrities have jobs. Being a movie star or a sport star is...

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