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The Right To Mary Essay

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Michael K McPherson

The Right to Marry!

So many people say the “Right to Marry” act should not be allowed to go through, but I couldn’t disagree more. In fact, I say “why the hell not?” Don’t I have the right to pursue happiness like the rest of America? Have we forgotten how many minority battles this country has gone through already? Are we, as a nation, truly ready to go through yet another one? People often ask me why I stand for the right to marry. I tell them that it is because I completely agree in equality. Who am I to challenge the heart of someone who wants to commit their life to someone they love? I honestly feel that marriage should not be decided by the ...view middle of the document...

We often look too much into our own issues that we often forget to look at the true value of this statement. Three phrases such as, the pursuit of happiness, right of the people, and safety and happiness stand out more than any. Although most of us know these statements and have learned them at a rather early age, equality still becomes a huge issue in today’s world. I am sure that we have all heard of the man that walked into a burning house to save his neighbor, the same neighbor that not a week earlier verbally harassed the man for being gay. What caused this? Is it the fact that we are all HUMAN? Did personal conflict play a part in this, or did the purity of forgiveness and equality?

Another reason is the ability to medically support your family. There are so many doctors and hospitals hold policies that restrict people from entering certain areas; such as, E.R rooms, I.C.U rooms, and maternal rooms. Most policies state that only immediate family can see sever patients, but what happens if your immediate family happens to be your same sex partner? Without legal documentation of state recognized marriage or civil union, you don’t fall under immediate family! I know this because at one point, I became hospitalized from a horrible accident, and the only thing my partner could do is tell my family to tell me bye because he was not “legally” family. I honestly believe that we should be granted the same medical security and protection as any American citizen. What do you think?

The final reason is family! Everyone dreams, and hopes, of one day passing their knowledge and understanding of life down to their children. But what happens when the law steps in and tells you that when it comes to this child, you have no legal right to teach, protect, discipline, or even love him/her? As a gay male, I face this issue every day; both me and my partner. We are constantly reminded that only one of us can be a father. Is that what they tell heterosexual couples that adopt? There are several children that don’t have homes, yet are dying for a loving and caring family. Do you think they care if it’s two men or two women, or could it be that they, like most of the world, just want to be loved? It is a fact that some states have in place streamline adoption laws for non-biological parents. These laws make it difficult for both heterosexual and homosexual adults , even when one of the adults in the...

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