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The Responsibility Project Essay

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The Responsibility Project: Lighthouse

The short film I chose to discuss is titled “Lighthouse”. In this short film, a grumpy light house keeper is responsible for maintaining the functionality of the lighthouse. At the point in the time in the movie, the lighthouse keeper decides not to join in the town’s festivities and avoids socializing with the community. While the lighthouse keeper is working on paperwork, the light stops working and the lighthouse goes dark. The importance of the lighthouse is to avoid incoming ships hitting the shore rocks, causing possible loss of the ship, its cargo, and even the passengers on board. As the lighthouse keeper is attempting to fix ...view middle of the document...

With the lighthouse light out, the possibility of the cruise ship crashing into the rocks was extremely high. It wouldn’t have been illegal for the townspeople to watch the cruise ship crash, but it would have been unethical. The community came up with an idea to gather around the lighthouse, each one of them holding a lantern. This idea would not have worked with just one or even a few people holding a lantern. It took the effort of the entire community to make the light shine bright enough that it could be seen by a cruise ship out in sea. Because of this group effort, the ship was able to change direction to avoid an accident, and possible death of passengers.
Social pressure has changed the way corporations feel what they are ethically responsible for. Nowadays it is not just expected to follow the law or rules and regulations, but to also give back to the community. Many companies give back to the community by supporting local fundraisers and donating a percentage of sales profit to local charities of choice.
By national organizations stepping up to the plate to do what is ethically and morally...

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