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The Rental Heart Essay

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The Rental Heart – analytical essay
The human heart is an organ that pumps blood throughout the body; it helps the body create oxygen so we can live. The heart is a crucial part of the human anatomy, and a part we cannot live without. Despite being so important, is the heart only the size of a large fist, but if the heart is not beating then there is no life. That is the physical description of the hart, but what about the psychological description of the heart? What does it mean when you get your heart broken for the first time? Will it never heal? Can you ever fix a broken heart?
In the short story the rental heart written by Kirsty Logan, we are introduced to the problem of a broken ...view middle of the document...

“They made it seem so complicated but it wasn’t really. The hearts just clipped in, and as long as you remembered to close yourself up tightly then they could tick away for years. Decades, probably. The problems came when the hearts got old and scratched: shreds of the past got caught in the dents, and they’re tricky to rinse out.”[Line 12-16 page 1]. The machine symbolizes the body; we need all the right parts to function. Rental hearts are a symbol of broken machinery, which just needs to be fixed and replaced. Whenever the protagonist fells hurt or broken he just takes, out the broken heart and replace it with a new one. If I should give an example when your car will not start, you can easily fix it by replacing the broken part with a new one. Just like the protagonist in the story is replacing the broken parts with a new one.
Kirsty Logan is using Science fiction elements in the story, the main example being the invention of the rental hearts, the opportunity to replace the broken parts with new ones. The whole idea is almost like if the story took place in a parallel universe, where it is as easy to replace broken body parts just as it is easy for us to replace broken machine parts. “The next day she took me to the heart rental place. I spent a long time pressing my palms against the polished metal until I found one that felt warm against my skin. I made sure that the sharp edges of the cogs were tucked inwards, kept safe from the just-healed rawness of my throat.
Back at Anna’s, she unwrapped the plastic, fitted the heart, closed my chest, took me to bed. Later I watched her sleep and loved her with every cog of my heart.”[Line...

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