The Relationship Between Study Skills And Academic Performance Of University Students

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Contemporary Issues In Education Research – Second Quarter 2012

Volume 5, Number 2

Do Learning And Study Skills Affect Academic Performance? – An Empirical Investigation
Richard Griffin, University of Tennessee at Martin, USA Angie MacKewn, University of Tennessee at Martin, USA Ernest Moser, University of Tennessee at Martin, USA Ken W. VanVuren, University of Tennessee at Martin, USA

ABSTRACT Universities and colleges are very interested in understanding the factors that influence their students’ academic performance. This paper describes a study that was conducted at a mid-sized public university in the mid-south, USA, to examine this issue. In this study, the 10-scale, Learning ...view middle of the document...

This debunking of the female stereotype of superior academic performance merely because of gender has pedagogical implications. Keywords: Academic Performance; LASSI; Learning Strategies; Gender Differences; Learning and Study Strategies Inventory



t has been observed via numerous studies over the years that academic performance varies along various parameters. Prior academic research is replete with studies observing apparent differences in academic performance according to gender. It has been observed that females often outperform males in collegiate academic performance (Sheard, 2009). Nguyen, Allen, and Fraccastoro (2005) found this to be the case at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Others have found statistically significant evidence that females tend to achieve university degrees with honors at a rate disproportionately higher than males (Barrow, 2009; Farsides & Woodfield, 2007; Richardson & Woodley, 2003). Cullen,, (2004) found have females achieved better grades than males in both university English and Math courses; and Busch (1995) observed superior academic performance by female students of Business Administration. Some studies have examined gender performance differences at a more detailed level within an academic discipline. For example, Gammie, Paver, Gammie, & Duncan (2003) found female students achieved better grades than males in first year accounting and auditing courses. Lipe (1989) also observed superior academic performance in female accounting students, but only when the instructor was also female. Buckless, (1991), when surveying accounting instructors, found that females were perceived to be © 2012 The Clute Institute 109

Contemporary Issues In Education Research – Second Quarter 2012

Volume 5, Number 2

superior accounting students in their academic performance. Even in the sciences, where it has been suggested that males often outperform females, at least in terms of number degrees earned (Taasoobshirazi & Carr, 2008), females have been observed to outperform males in some instances. Tai (2008) found that females achieved higher grades in undergraduate algebra-based physics courses while males had higher grades in calculus-based physics courses. Finally, Chyung (2007) found that females achieved higher exam scores than males across several disciplines in an on-line course environment. On the other hand, not all prior research has supported the proposition that males and females differ significantly in performance oriented attributes. Janet Shibley Hyde is perhaps the most well-known proponent of The Gender Similarities Hypothesis. In (2005) Hyde reported in the American Psychologist the results from a review of 46 meta-analyses that men and women differ very little on most all psychological variables. Included in this study were such academic performance related attributes as mathematical comprehension and problem-solving, reading comprehension, verbal...

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