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The Real Issue In America Essay

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Tyler Forster

Laurie Polhemus

English Composition & Research

September 15, 2014

The Real Issue in America:

So many countries around the world are known for their educational systems. The stereotype of the Asian community has to do with how hard their children are pushed academically. European countries are known for their relaxed environment in the classroom, and according to Sir Ken Robinson, “There are no standardized tests in Finland… It’s not what gets them up in the morning; it’s not what keeps them at their desks.” So then it is safe to say that if education in America is to improve, a new teaching system must emerge.

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When education was formed it was necessary for a successful future. Today though, having a degree may or may not play a significant role in a person’s success. So why invest in a degree when the advancements of society don’t require one?

In Ships in the Night, Graff explains, “No self-respecting educator would deliberately design a system guaranteed to keep students dependent on the whim of the individual instructor. Yet this is precisely the effect of a curriculum composed of courses that are not in dialogue with one another.” (290) A perfect example of the political set up in America comes from The One World Schoolhouse. “Far too many bright, motivated kids are being badly served by their educational experiences—ones at elite, wealthy schools as well as underfunded ones.” “Too many kids are having their confidence trampled; even many “successful” students acknowledge that they’ve gotten good grades without learning much of anything.” This isn’t necessarily about the teachers themselves, but about the way students actually learn to function. Quite frankly it is safe to say, no one enjoys being lectured; it is much more enjoyable to engage in conversation, and that is where actual learning takes place. When students are not forced to engage themselves in the classroom, they tend to find no real significance in the actual material. Salman khan...

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