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The Prostitution Model And Social Integration Of Prostitutes In Latvia And Germany

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The prostitution model and social integration of prostitutes
in Latvia and Germany


Prostitution is the long known act of providing services that are typically sexual in nature to other persons in return for payment and is the oldest branch of the sex industry. The liabilities and legal status of prostitution varies from country to country and not only in Europe, being a punishable crime in one to a regulated activity in the other. Choosing to compare Latvia and Germany in their policies towards prostitution was not an unintentional occurrence. Today combating consequences affiliated with prostitution such as human trafficking is a means of protecting human rights and ...view middle of the document...

For instance enabling prostitutes to get employment contracts in Germany obligates them to contribute to the annual tax revenue, which sums up a large amount of money to put in the government’s budget. Latvia does not acknowledge prostitutes as self-employed workers who can collect a personal payroll tax booklet and therefore omits the chance of benefit for the worker and for the government as mentioned previously. Even though Latvia’s stance on this subject is divided, it has not sunken to other extremes like some neighboring countries up north. Purchasing sex has been a criminal offense in Sweden since 1999, providing these sexual services is not. Many debates on proportionality have been conducted but Sweden’s position has remained the same. Although it might seem that this approach has constructed a penalty system were prostitutes are not being held accountable for their actions it even more furthers them from becoming an acceptable part of society once again.

Should Latvia revert to either one of these extremes and take a stance on this topic characterized as immortal and blasphemous by generations or should it stay obsequious in its position? This is the question asked to the commission formed by several Ministry representatives this spring, which has yet to give a new concept and answer to the Latvian public, which in perspective shows this as a very hot discussion topic right now. And this comparative analysis will try to demonstrate the most democratic and moral of solutions summed up by Germany at this point in contrast to Latvia and shall focus on solutions regarding the working conditions, liabilities and social security benefits of prostitutes under each of the countries laws.

2. Legal situation of prostitutes in Latvia

The activity of prostitution as previously mentioned is legal but regulated in Latvia by the Republic of Latvia Cabinet Regulation No.32 Regarding Restriction of Prostitution adopted January 22, 2008 and Articles 163. 163.1, 164., 165., 165.1 of the Criminal Law of Latvia and also Article 174.4 of the Administrative Violations Code of Latvia. Although this was not the case during the existence of the USSR, which also included the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic, where any kinds of accounts of prostitution were instantly denied. Even though the governments officially did not acknowledge this kind of activity people knew where to find sex workers and how to get the most benefit from them. Be it for their enterprise or other personal gain. In Soviet times even for middle class workers to own and get their hands on foreign currency meant risking a criminal offence or acquiring possessions only the privileged at the time and region could afford. This was a risk many were ready to take because main prostitution clients were intoxicated foreigners visiting the communist block who had plenty to spend. It did not take long also for the government to act and take advantage of some of the more high-end sex...

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