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The Power To See Ourselves Essay

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Reaction Paper: “The Power to See Ourselves”
Not everyone has a positive and optimistic perception of themselves. People are so in tuned to their own insecurities, emotions, and thoughts this perception can be placed on others in the world and in the work place. In Paul Brouwer’s “The Power to See Ourselves,” this negative focus of perception is explained and solutions to change the perception are discussed.
In every social interactions that we have with someone we are given a set of instructions. They can be good, bad, or indifferent. Until we can come to terms with who we are, we are always going to be a reflection of the opinions and thoughts of others. Brouwer (1964) states that ...view middle of the document...

” It feels like the author is saying that people who are set in their ways are unwilling to change their behavior without a fight. I don’t think that this is them resisting change, more so than it is them not knowing that they can change. If no one ever tells you that you the problem, how can you find the solution. The statement that people retain a pattern and a consistent set characteristics and resist change is one that I find to be one that can be changed once someone is made aware of the situation.
I found quite interesting the steps to growth that Brouwer gives the reader. These steps are self-examination, self-expectation, and self-direction. I noticed that all of these steps start from self, but if you are unaware that there is something that needs to be changed how can you begin with self? Should the environment and situations that you are in not be considered when trying to bring about change? Should the organization that you are involved in not play a role in alerting or helping to create the change? Yes, only you can bring change to yourself and your way of thinking but I feel that sometimes everyone needs a little push. There has to be dialogue and discussion from someone other...

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