The Picture Of Dorian Gray Essay

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The beauty and the youth are two caracteristics searched by many people.
Everybody sees, in the old age, only health or psychological problems, but old people represent also wisdom and experience.
There are a lot of disadvantages of being young forever. One of the most important is to be unable to see your body changing. In this period, the ...view middle of the document...

Unluckily, this ''stylish people'' don't consider that those imperfections show the passage of time and they describe it in a different way. Each wrinkle can be a year or a situation that let you grow up, each skin's spot can symbolize a mistake you made and each tooth decay can represent too much greedy wishes satisfied.
Face relaxed, bright-eyed and slim body are one of the advantages of young people, called ''teenagers''.
Being young is like a pursuit of happiness because each night is a new chance to have a new way of fun with friends. With the passing of time, this way of life can become boring.
Why don't begin to desire to live forever, but grow old? Because we can't modify the course of our life, but we have to ride out difficulties and to desire always the best.
Our life is like a never-ending travel from the birth to the death. The landscape, people and needs change but the train goes on. Our life can be compared with the train and not with the railroad station.

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