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The Performance Was Put On By The Gospel Choir Of Ncsu

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The performance was put on by the gospel choir of NCSU, and they were accompanied by a keyboardist, two guitarists, and a drummer. The lead guitarist was a good player, as well as the keyboard player (I hope to be there one day). Early on the audience section wasn't very full, but as things began to get started some late comers filtered in. The choir director encouraged the audience to participate in the performance rather than simply being ...view middle of the document...

It was also fun to see some of my fellow students displaying their talents, and to see the audience members stand and enjoy the show as well.

The songs performed:
"Shift this Place" by Youthful Praise
"I Don't Know Why You Love Me" by The Citadel of Praise
"The Good Shepherd" by Donald Lawrence
"Do You Know Jesus" by Hezekiah Walker
"He's Working It Out For Your Good" by Chicago Mass Choir
"Jesus Is a Rock" by Glenn E. Burleigh (performed twice)
"Be Healed" by Total Praise Choir
"Wait On The Lord" by The Citadel of Praise
The music expressed African traditions with its strong sense of complex rhythms. There was also the call and response present in the compositions and the dancing tradition. It seemed to me that the audience enjoyed what they were seeing. Most were already familiar with the particular style of music, but those who weren't joined in and appeared to have fun. The song I liked the most was "Jesus Is A Rock" because of the instrumental accompaniment and the energy that the choir showed while performing this song. It was good to dance to as well. I cannot think of which particular song I liked the least. Overall it was a good performance, although I could have stood less commentating from the director in...

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