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The short story ”The Penis” is written by Hanif Kureishi. The short story is about a penis, which has been separated from its owner Doug, who we hear from later on.
At first though we hear about a guy called Alfie who was “a cutter – a hairdresser – and had to get to work”. He is having breakfast with his wife, when she asks him what he did last night, and if he had a good time last night? Alfie can not remember what he did last night, he then looks in his wallet to examine how much money he had spent or if he has any cocaine left or anything else, which could give him a clue of what he has been doing. He finds something strange inside his pocket. In his pocket he finds a penis, with ...view middle of the document...

A perfect example of people in today’s world who think that they are famous and nearly Hollywood stars is people who have participated in a reality show. These people think that they are of the same significance as the prime minister of England or as a Hollywood actors who has been making hundreds of films, who has been seen by billions of people world wide. In spite of the fact that those people only contributed in one season of a show, where they got known from drinking forty shots. It is the same with Doug: “He believed he was entitled to the gratitude and respect that comedians, singers and political impersonators received.”
One day it all might be over though, Doug think that it is over for him when he finds out his penis is gone: “ If he lost his manhood, his livelihood would go with it.” Doug have been doing porn since his teenage years, and has most likely not got any real education, so for him to loose his penis is the same as loosing his livelihood. This is the same with reality “stars” they might not have any education either and most of them are only thinking on tomorrow, but one day it all might be over. Who for an example wants to look at a 50-year-old woman or man doing reality television, not that many, I think. It does not have to get that far maybe another more interesting reality “star” just tops them, who knows?
The fact that Doug will do almost anything to get his penis sewn back on: “ Doug begged the man to restore him.” Shows me that like Doug the reality stars will do almost everything to stay in the spotlight, but as Doug do in order to get the money required to get his penis sewn back on, they make a mistake: ” The man made Doug sign a contract, pledging to make film for what seemed like the rest of his life.” Reality stars have a...

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