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The Panda Essay

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1. What background information do you need to know? Pandas are endangered, many other animals are also endangered
2. What are the key details that stand out? What are the supporting details? Big tuna wearing a panda mask and other unmasked tuna.
3. What issue does this seem to reference? We as a race try to save the “cute” well publicized animals. The less pretty or tastier animals are ignored.
4. What side of the debate is this visual taking? What perspective ...view middle of the document...

5. How do we know what side the visual is taking? What specific claims are made? “Would you care if I was a panda?”
6. What does this visual want from its viewers? What message does it convey? To make people think about the fact that if an animal is considered “cute” or beautiful everything possible is done to prevent its extinction, and that people need to think about other animals as well.
The picture portrays a school of blue-fin tuna in the ocean, but focuses directly on one wearing a panda mask. The text underneath it states, “Would you care more if I was a panda?” We all know that the panda is an endangered species and is near extinction. This visually argues that the blue-fin tuna is also becoming endangered, but with much less worry over the likelihood of extinction of this species. People care more about the panda than this fish. The reason the blue-fin tuna is becoming endangered is likely due to excessive fishing. People are more likely to eat fish rather than eating panda, which is why one of the fish is hiding behind a panda mask. Due to our excessive fishing and consumption of this fish, the blue-fin tuna will most likely become extinct. This is similar to a campaign by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, ‘to rename all fish “sea-kittens” because no one would want to hurt a kitten.’
(PETA Save the sea kitten, 2013)

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