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Community Study Outline

A. Community Identification & Overview
B. Ecological Framework
C. Life Activities
D. Common Problem of the People
E. Goodness Life
F. Other needs of the People
G. Summary of Findings, Conclusions, and Recommendations

A. Community Identification & Overview
its individual and Uniqueness
- Barangay Potrero,from Spanish word Potrero meaning pasture land,is also the finest place in Malabon City not Valenzuela City. Also the highest part ,higher than Tugatog, the place is never flooded, ...view middle of the document...

* Children
* The role of children is give a inspiration to their parents and go to school and more important of all give the happiness
* In barangay 32 the usual do of the chidren is playing,go to school.
* Leaders
* The role of the leaders is to guide their member and being a model.
* In barangay 32 the usual doing of the leaders is guide their people and make the rule to make peacefull our barangay.

D. Common Problems of the People
Peace & Order
-There are number of barangay tanods and volunteers who serve the community day and night to ensure the safety and the peace of the residents.
As a group they conducts a study on Barangay, it envisions a barangay which is able to fully execute its task of protecting and maintaining the peace and order in the community of which it serves.
-Develop Socio Economic profile of our Barangay and update the current habitant of the barangay ( those we include transient students living in the barangay. )

Heath and Sanitation
-Every after Noon they have a schedule rotation of Garbage truck. Every week they
* Utilities and Facilities
* We our lock of utilities booth in our barangay.
* In facilities we have no fire station ,health center ,church, and etc.
* Moral Problems
* The only problems of our barangay in moral is the drunker and addicts that make trouble.


E. Goodness Life
* Location and site
* The location of our barangay is close to the school, church, market and...

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