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The Nature Of Organizational Behavior: Essay

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Organizational behavior process in the workplace includes knowledge of the understanding of perception and its link to learning, emotions and attitude, and organizational culture. With perception and learning these two primary activities in human behavior are important aspects in the workplace. These elements are always around us; how one is perceived is a major factor in the workplace. In society there is a process on how we break ourselves and others down by belonging to different societal groups like culture, gender, or profession. Human being inherently want to feel good about themselves even in the workplace and associate with the groups that tend to make them feel that way. ...view middle of the document...

“Learning is a relatively permanent change in behavior (or behavioral tendency) that occurs as a result of a person interaction with the environment” (McShane & Von Glinow, 2010, p.82). Social learning theory suggests that is more effective to achieve desired behaviors in the organization by providing learning opportunities to observe the organization desired workplace behaviors and punishing inappropriate behaviors. Behaviors that are based on learning theory required workplace managers to establish individualized reward schedules to aid in the modification of behavior. Another learning theory is called cognitive learning theory which states that learning can be a passive activity occurring through observation.
Social learning theorists however believe that employees can learn appropriate workplace social behaviors by observing the organization's response to the behavior of other employees. Workplace managers know that employees learn acceptable social behaviors by the tone that is set and also by observing the given to employees under various circumstances. Managers must therefore be consistent in their expectations of employee's social behavior and provide role models of appropriate behavior.

Workplace Emotions Attitudes and Stress:
Emotions and attitudes in the workplace are typically formed via factors that tend to influence our attitude or feelings toward our environment. In order for organizations to attract and keep valuable talent, companies are finding creative ways to generate positive emotions in the workplace. ”Many organizations discovering that emotional intelligence can significantly improve individual, team, and organizational effectiveness” (McShane & Von Glinow, 2010, p.105).
Attitudes represent the cluster of beliefs which also effect feelings, and behavior. According to the text attitudes involve” conscious logical reasoning and is more stable over time such as positive or negative evaluations of a person”. Cognitive dissonance emotions and attitudes occur when perception is inconsistent...

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