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The Migrant Crisis Essay

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The migrant crisis

Some of the biggest conflicts in the Middle East is where in Syria they are facing a civil war, a war between dictators, rebels and terrorists. The Syrian population got trapped between the regime, rebel groups and the religious extremists and now they seek aid. Over 4 million Syrians has fled the country and most of them has been recite in camps in the neighboring countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon. Saudi Arabia hasn’t welcomed one refugee. Around 750.000 migrants are estimated to have arrived by sea this year and seeks their settlement in Europe, Europe however wasn’t prepared for this.
EU is facing their biggest migrant crisis since the Second World War. They weren’t prepared this high of a scale of refugees, a lot of the refugee’s camps in Middle East were crowded, unsupplied, so they decided to seek asylum in Europe. While arriving on their first European land they have to stay there for a while and that made ...view middle of the document...

It made a big debate for democracy to even help out the crisis, but it will take a lot more than just 4 million Muslims to take make Europe a Muslim continent. Most of the refugees are already educated and can offer a lot for society. Refugees that become immigrants are less likely to commit crime and actually offer more work power and help.
European Union itself could handle the crisis if it wants too since they are some of the well-organized states, wealthiest economy, democracy and huge industries. The problem is that some of the wealthiest countries in Europe were only willing to help out a little, for example we have Jordan that has taken in 600.000 refugees, and United Kingdom said they will only take in 20.000 refugees for the next 5 years. It has shown how divided the union has, and it can get worse if the countries are not getting together and unite as one.
Now it’s slowly fixing itself but not fast enough, with ongoing conflict down in the middle-east a lot of the refugees has been showing what they can offer for society. A lot in media shows that children is adapting fast in learning the language of their country, men and women applies for work, more students with experienced studies are helping other universities and school, a boost in economy too. If we don’t come together we will see more people who flee from destruction of their homeland die. We need to show that we care about our world and the people who lives in it and actually say that the world is a good place.

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