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The Market On Taxi Essay

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Good opinion piece. The way the medallions turned into a highly sought after legal tender needs scrutiny. When the owners started leasing cabs by the flat fee for a shift, then the medallions became bullet-proof money makers: No matter how slow the business was, the owners made out. When Boston Cab Company used a paid-mileage system, where the initial lease fee was less than $10/shift (about 45 cents /mile) and gas-ups on the garage dime, then the drivers were not ever placed in that serf-like scenario. I know this, because I ...view middle of the document...

When I drove for an independent, then I had extreme mobility, but I had to pay a $40/shift fee and fill the cab with gas. It could be a tough nut to crack (about $50) on a daily basis at that time, but I preferred it. What seems to have happened now is that the leases are just too expensive for the drivers in relation to the fare structure and the cost-of-living. When I drove in the late 70's early 80s, the drivers of the Boston Cab system were diverse, but it seemed there were a lot of young white Americans driving. As soon as the structure became increasingly unfair, then cab driving in boston became a business where immigrants took the wheel, and took the abuse as well, due to their status in our society. (by the way: Im sure most of the immigrant drivers in Boston are legal residents- its not easy to get a drivers license and police hackney div. issued hack license without being legally here). Regarding how owners are insured: at that time, if I recall, they were "bonded" in some way, and they worked extremely

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