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The Lumen And Absorb Teams At Crutchfield Chemical Engineering

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1. What are the differences between the two elite technology development teams at Crutchfield Chemical Engineering in terms of motivation and creativity?

The Lumen Team is obviously much more motivated and creative than the Absorb Team. This situation is created by the leadership styles of the team leaders. Max is showing very effective leadership while Chip is acting like a mere manager rather than a leader. Although trait motivation levels are similar in both teams, Chip kills all the motivation and creativeness of his team members with his insensitive, close minded and destructive attitude. We can see this from electronic daily diaries of the two teams. The Lumen Team members are highly motivated and very eager to innovate and improve inspired by their team leader, Max. However, the Absorb Team event don’t know exactly what their schedule is for the project.

2. From the electronic daily diaries what are the differences in team leader ...view middle of the document...

By this way, each team member feels to be empowered rather than ordered for a task. However, Chip is just the contrary. He is very insensitive towards his team members. He is not open to suggestions and he even doesn’t take insights and inputs from his team members when he is making a decision. Consensus is not on the Chip’s agenda. So this situation leads to team members to feel “ordered” which decreases their motivation and creativeness level.

In the Lumen Team, there is a very good communication among the team members and Max who continually keep all members updated on his activities and important information. Everyone knew exactly what she/he should do throughout the process. However, in the Absorb Team, there is a serious lack of proper communication. Chip does not discuss issues or keep people updated on certain issues which leads to team members to feel clueless about the future.

In the Lumen Team, Max is always appreciative and encouraging towards his team members while Chip is just the opposite in his team. Therefore, the Lumen Team members could show their creativeness much more easily but the Absorb Team members couldn’t.

While the Lumen Team members enjoy to be a “team” under the leadership of Max, the Absorb Team members do not even feel “to be a team”(even one of them wanted to leave the team) because of Chip’s ineffective leadership style.

3. From your reading “Managing for Creativity”, what are key components to enhance creativity? How do the teams compare?

-Helping employees do their best work by keeping them intellectually engaged and by removing distractions.

-Making managers responsible for sparking creativity and eliminate arbitrary distinctions between “suits” and “creatives”.

-Motivating by intrinsic rewards such as sending them specific conferences for intellectual stimulation.

-Flexible workday guidelines to encourage people to start each day at whatever time is best for them.

-Understanding, respecting and appreciating the work employees do.

-Bringing groups of people together to facilitate the exchange of ideas and to spur innovation.

-No penalty for making honest mistakes in the pursuit of better products.

We see all these components in the Lumen Team but none of them in the Absorb Team.

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