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The Local Food Movement: Going Green

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The Local Food Movement: Going Green
The food system is changing very fast nowadays. As we improve the quality of our life, we also develop the new ways to supply the population with food. Our growing population’s demand on food is enormous, and this demand led to the development of the processed food industry. This industry causes a lot of problems to humanity, harming the environment and health. But for the past decades our food system has significantly changed; new movements has occurred, and one them, the “locavore” movement, which supports the idea of the consumption of the locally grown food, is developing very fast. What do people mean by “local food”? According to the article ...view middle of the document...

For example the chemicals, which are used in the poultry production process, cause the chicken’s abnormal mutations, which can lead to rare forms of cancer (Richman 9). Moreover, pesticides, used in the cultivation of crops and vegetables, make the food too dangerous to eat: badly washed tomatoes can cause the gastric ulcer. People simply cannot trust the products, which were artificially risen; if they do consume it, their health would be put at risk. The local food can solve this problem, and several facts can support this idea. At first, locally grown food has a small period between harvesting and getting onto the consumers’ table, so it can be said that this food is fresh and nutritious. In contrast to the food, which we buy in supermarkets, locally grown products are reliable because people can always control the quality of food that they eat. If we live close to where the food is raised, we will have more power over how it is raised (Halweil 83). Generally speaking, the local food is “the easiest way to eliminate suspect food from your diet” (Halweil 84). Eating locally is not an easy way to get the food – locavores may experience the lack of some daily used products like salt or sugar. On the other hand, by consumption the locally grown food, people exclude processed fats and chemical ingredients from their diet. The diet, based on sustainable and healthy food, can change the North American tendency of obesity, making it more suitable for health. Overall, local food is a beneficial issue, which provides consumers with nutritious and sustainable food and increases the health state of the nation.
Being beneficial in terms of health, local food is also sustainable for environment. Does anyone think about the distance, which the food travels to get to the consumers? There is a special term called “food miles”, which determines this distance. The concept of food miles includes the miles that food has travelled, starting from the farm where it was raised and finishing on the table where it was consumed. Since food system is relying on the long distance transportation and global distribution networks, the distance between farms and consumers is growing (Martinez, et al. 48). As this distance grows, several concerns, including greenhouse gases (GHG) emission and pollution, are being raised by the society. People now clearly understand that the system, relying on long-distance production, is affecting the environment a lot. People should understand that not only the food transportation causes the greenhouse gases. According to the data, provided by Christopher Weber and H. Scott Matthews, “83 percent of emissions occur before food even leaves the farm gate” (qtd. in DeWeerdt 65). Food production, processing, storage and transportation pollute soil and air, while locally grown food does not require all this complicated and inefficient processes, because, as it is mentioned in “Local & Regional Food Systems”, local market depend on small and...

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