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Dearest Rahim Khan,

I hope you are healthy wherever you may be; I have so much to tell you my old friend. How is life in Kazakhstan in this time of despair, I am praying for your safety and hope you have not been affected by the Taliban. It has been a long time since we have last been in contact Rahim, and I miss you ever so much. I am ever so grateful of the times you spent with Amir and now, after many years of looking back on the past, realise that you were more of a fatherly figure than I was to my own son. You also understood me better than anyone ...view middle of the document...

I can see that Amir is a much happier person now, more so than he was as a child, and I have now realised that children should not be forced to do things they do not want to, and should be encouraged to do the things they enjoy.
Amir has just got married, her name is Soraya, and she is very loyal to him. She looks after me when I am ill and is from a very respectable family, her father is General Ikbal Taheri. The three of us currently live in a flat together, and they are very happy. I, on the other hand am not so happy. I have been given a job at a gas station and the work is hard and the pay is not brilliant but here in America, they offer you benefits for people like myself, as if that is ever the person I will be! But do not worry about us, Rahim. We are fine where we are and I hope you are well too.
I hope you are looking after my old house and hope you are still in touch with Hassan and Ali, and if you are I would appreciate some information about them; where they live, are they still together? Is Hassan well and married? I hope they are both OK, as well as yourself. I look forward to hearing back from you, Rahim and hope that one day we will meet again. I will never forget you Rahim Khan. Thank you.
Yours kindly,


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