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The Kids Essay

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The Kids Are All Right Research Paper
I viewed the movie The Kids Are All Right. This movie is about a couple, Nic and Jules, who are in a committed, long term relationship. Their relationship is by no means perfect. They have two kids, Laser and Joni. Laser’s biological mother is Jules and Joni’s is Nic. Each child represents their mother in temperament. The twist is that Joni and Laser are both half siblings having the same sperm donor father. Joni is eighteen and Laser is only fifteen. Shortly before Joni plans to head off for college, Laser pleads with her to contact their sperm donor father. He is thirty-something Paul, a co-op farmer and restaurateur. Paul may look successful but he ...view middle of the document...

There are many characters that come up throughout the movie. However, we only want to focus on the prominent ones. The story revolves around Joni and Laser and their mothers Nic and Jules. Joni and Laser are trying to find their sperm donor father, Paul. Nic and Jukes are gay lovers in a relationship with their two teen aged kids, Laser and Joni. They are set in Los Angeles. They movie moves in sequential order. The events happen one after another and there are no flashbacks that help you set up an idea of what is happening in a scene. Everything is presented to the viewer pretty straight forward. Many of us today would not understand what it is like to live with two moms and have a sperm donor for a father. It is unfathomable to think about having to set out to find your father that you have had no contact with for your whole childhood.
One scene that stood out most to me was the scene where Nic and Jules are at a small dinner party. Jules seems to be on the verge of a mental breakdown it seems. She just keeps talking nonstop and each word becomes excessively fawning. Every word out of her mouth suddenly sounds strangely forged, and you wonder what's happening to her. You think that she is wondering the same thing.
The scene echoes so well because it presents something that we've all experienced, but that is rarely shown onscreen. It's the sensation of knowing something without knowing it without even knowing what it is that you know. Though not consciously registering what's bothering her, this woman is picking up on a dynamic in the room and with all her mental force and might with every capacity she has for evasion and distraction. She is trying to keep that insight buried. This scene can help us understand the stresses that she is under and what their life undergoes on a daily basis. I think that we all can relate to her and how she is feeling.

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