The It Guy Essay

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Francisco gonzalez

Unit 2 Assignment 1
Short Answer

  1. What does a professional programmer usually do first to gain an understanding of a problem?
      a. A professional programmer gains this understanding by working directly with the customer. 
  2. What is pseudocode?
      b. Pseudocode is a fake code. It is an informal language that has no syntax rules, and is not meant to be compiled or executed.
  3. Computer programs typically perform what three steps? 
      c. Three ...view middle of the document...

Design an algorithm that prompts the user to enter his or her height and stores the user’s input in a variable named height.
      * Display “Height”
      * Input Height
      * Display “here is the height that you entered:” , height
  2. Design an algorithm that prompts the user to enter his or her favorite color and stores the user’s input in a variable named color.
      * Display “Favorite color”
      * Input favorite color
      * Display “Here is your favorite color you entered:” , color

Programming Exercises
  1. Personal Information
      A. Design a program that displays the following information:
        * Your name 
        * Your address, with city, state, and ZIP
        * Your telephone number
        * Your college major
      B. Answer
  * Display “name”
  * Input name
  * Display “Here is the name you have entered:”, name
  * Display “Address with city, state, and ZIP”
  * Input address with city, state, and ZIP
  * Display “This is the address you have entered:”, address with city, state, and
  * Display “Telephone number”
  * Input telephone number
  * Display “This is the telephone number you have entered:”, telephone...

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