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The Internet Will Bring About A New Freedom Of Information And So Narrow The Technology Gap Between Developed And Developing Countries

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The Internet will bring about a new freedom of information
and so narrow the technology gap between developed and developing countries.

The Internet has emerged as the most rapidly adopted communication mean in history. For the last decades it has built bridges between almost all corners of the world and created the greatest depository of all kinds of information. Access to these new technologies enabled rapid development of all countries. Some states that were always lagging behind the leading countries now do have the possibility to use all facilities of the communicational breakthrough and as a result the difference between ...view middle of the document...

Third-world countries that have always been somehow separated from the other part of the world now are having the same informational base. They can apply the same technologies in their industry, use the same methods of treatment in medicine, etc. Moreover, now they have a chance to communicate with companies all over the world and get new business partners. All this helps them to get progress in the economical life and increase the level of life of their residents.
Internet has influenced not only countries in general, but also every particular person. Now residents of developing countries can study the same things that are studied in other parts of the world. They can learn foreign languages, history, geography or IT technologies. Internet provides the access to all news and information concerning every place or thing in the world. This broadens people’s outlook and makes them more educated. As a result they become more professionally qualified employees and their work will raise the general level of their motherland.
The computer industry got a boost when the people discovered that the world was progressing in leaps and bounds, and should any country be left out would be considered a backward country. Developing countries caught on to the progress. They have access to the same information and possibility to communicate with other more economically developed countries. So, in the near future they can make a great step forward and increase their level of development.

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