The Information Age In The Navy

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Email enables Sailors to send messages to anyone or any specific group in the command. My Chief, who is my supervisor, receives emails with instructions from her superiors. My Chief then informs me of the instruction by forwarding that e-mail or sending me an e-mail with tasks to execute. E-mails also allows collaboration between departments of the command to be done fast and effectively. Simply pull up names from other departments using a global access list and send the message. Collaboration between departments are important to mission readiness because it allows them to access resources that they would not otherwise have without their help.

Cellphones allows information and messages to be sent quickly. Telephone repeaters installed throughout the ship allows cellphones to have reception. Quick messages are vital to accomplish tasks in ...view middle of the document...

This has helped me keep track of the issues in a clear, organized, and efficient manner.
Microsoft Powerpoint is another asset the Navy uses for training. Powerpoint presentations are easily made, accessible, and deliverable which is perfect the distribution of the training throughout the command.

My command utilizes a share drive. It allows access of information in a database to all or a specific group of people. Navy Instructions, muster sheets, leave trackers are just a few examples of what is stored on the share drive. Each department has their own folder in which they can store information that it needs to keep track of and use when needed. My folders consists training material, Navy instructions, special request chits, and order details. These folders give me the information I need, when I need it, to accomplish my task.

Space, paperwork and ink have been saved due to developments in information technology. E-mail and the share drive allows digital data to be stored on the computer network as opposed to physical products such as cabinets, drawers, folders, and paper. This has allowed the Navy to save millions of dollars in materials and supplies that would be otherwise used for physical storage and tracking.

Recent developments in information technology has positively impacted the Navy. It has allowed important information to be delivered, communicated, and spread in an effective, quick, and secure manner. The Navy has designated software for certain tasks such as sending messages, storing information, and tracking information. This allows Sailors to follow a definitive way of creating, organizing, and presenting data. It has also saved the Navy millions of dollars in physical storage. Since the information is stored digitally, there is little need for the use of paper, cabinets, and ink. Effective communication is vital to the Navy’s mission readiness because it allows sailors to accomplish their mission efficiently and in an orderly matter.

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