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The Influence Of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program To The Grade 7 Students Of Secondary Schools Of Tampilisan District

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The two hypotheses were tested at an alpha of .05. All computations were done with the use of the Statistical Package for Social Sciences developed by the
Asia Pacific Center for Research.
7.3. Findings, Conclusions, and Recommendations
The following findings emerged from the data gathered and analyzed:
1. On the Demographic Profile .The majority of Grade 7 4P’s cash grant beneficiaries were females; 13 years old and were within the average age for Grade 7. The data implied that the majority of the students tended to be average performers in class, since the majority registered general averages ranging from 80 to 84.
2. Correlation between the Students’ Sex and Their Academic Performance. Chi-Square test yielded the X2 value of 12.658, found to be Significant with the probability value 0.002, at alpha .05, leading to the rejection of the null hypothesis. Therefore, there is a significant correlation between the student beneficiaries’ sex and the grade point average as measures of their academic performance. Simply put, the female student 4P’s beneficiaries obtained higher grades than their male counterparts.
3. Correlation between the Students’ Ages and Their Academic Performance. The X² value of 2.018 , with a probability value of 0.733, is found to be Not Significant at alpha .05. The result led to the decision of accepting the null hypothesis. Therefore, there is no significant correlation between the student respondents’ ages and their grade point averages as measures of their academic performance.
4. Influence Of The 4P’s Cash Grant To The Student Beneficiaries As Perceived By The Teachers .Generally, the teachers perceive Strong Influence of the 4P’s cash grant towards the student beneficiaries’ regular attendance in class; Strong Influence on the submission of class projects and other requirements; Strong Influence on the respondents’ participation in class activities; but teachers perceive a Moderate Influence of the 4P’s cash grant towards the student beneficiaries’ participation in co-curricular activities.
5. Influence Of The 4P’s Cash Grant To The Student Beneficiaries As Perceived By The Respondent Students. In terms of their punctuality in attending classes, the student beneficiaries rated all the specific situations as having a Very Strong Influence (4.55) in all the aspects specified in the questionnaire. The same trend is registered on the respondents’ perception on the accomplishment of class project as having a Very Strong Influence (4.47) ; Very Strong Influence (4.31) in their participation in class activities; and Strong Influence on their participation in co-curricular activities.
6. On the Hypothesized Influence of the 4P’s Cash Grants to the Punctuality in Class Attendance of the Student Beneficiaries. The monthly 4P’s cash grants received by the student beneficiaries significantly influenced their attendance in school. It simply means that student beneficiaries’ class attendance tended to become...

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