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The Importance Of Rites Essay

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1. Read “The Importance of Rites,” from Myths to Live By, by Joseph Campbell.
2. Evaluate this brief essay in terms of internal criteria by judging whether, or to what extent it is coherent. Specify in detail why you think it is either coherent or incoherent.

In the essay, “The Importance of Rites,” Myths to Live By, by Joseph Campbell is a moderately incoherent. A coherent communication should be very clear, and each paragraph should follow through on the main topic, but this essay does not.
The author strays from his topic statement where he states his opinion that the function of ritual is to give form to human life, not in the way of what is on the surface, but what lies ...view middle of the document...

In the essay, “The Importance of Rites,” from Myths to Live By, by Joseph Campbell is moderately consistent because a reading that is consistent to its expectations would be essential, and this essay does not have all of the elements of consistency. The author’s paragraphs are vague of the reading’s main idea with the exception of the sixth paragraph which is where the author does establish the main idea, but the paragraph still is not fully consistent, even within itself, since it sways from sociality from the home to away from the home, without noting, a comparison may be intended. This essay is not consistent with its main idea or supportive sentence(s), and the paragraphs, therefore, their meanings are useless. This essays consistency is therefore confusing and of moderate consistency.

Evaluate Campbell’s essay in terms of unity.

In the essay, “The Importance of Rites,” from Myths to Live By, by Joseph Campbell is moderately unified. Unity should have a smooth flow throughout the communication; however, this essay’s paragraphs have no transition from one paragraph to the other. There is no flow of the meaning, and it is somewhat boring because you are not provided with enough information to come to your own conclusion or opinion. The paragraphs transition does not flow because the topics are not in sync with the author’s original main idea. See how the last sentence above is not written in its paragraph by unity because it comes after the fact which can cause confusion for the reader, and in this case, it is also repetitious. When even one paragraph that lacks unity within a communication (an essay in this case) would cause only some unification, then the entire reading could not be considered unified, and in this essay, there are many inconsistencies, thus making this communication only of moderate unity.

a) Write a short essay on any topic you choose.
b) Evaluate your own essay in terms of coherence.

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