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The Importance Of Music Essay

989 words - 4 pages

Colin Mackey
Professor DelVecchio
ENGL 015-01
Nevemer 15, 2012
“Music is the one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge which comprehends mankind but which mankind cannot comprehend”(Ludwig van Beethoven). Music is that which has the power to, in some way, put a lens upon one's perceptual reality. Music has the ability to alter emotions and perception. For example, listening to a heavy metal band play during a wedding reception, is obviously going to change the mood and the view of the supposed-to-be quiet, and peaceful ceremony. The emotions stirred up by music, influences people to tune in to songs relating to their temporary state of mind, such as sorrow, joy, anger, ...view middle of the document...

The misunderstood rule of music is that it is solely limited to those who can hear it, which would exclude the deaf. But this is not true, as is seen by the genius composer, Ludwig van Beethoven, whom created incredible works following his loss of hearing because he had a strong ability to feel the vibrations of the music notes and translate them in his body. Music is an interaction with different, and deeper realms of existence. The process of hearing sound a certain way is incredibly complex, and interpretations of music contain the potential to open people up to how different our perceptions really are from each others'. An artist's work may be seen by one person as genius, and the epitome of vibrancy and inspiration, while another may see that same piece as boring and lacking the musical magic which speaks to them in different compositions - as an individual.
The potential of expression draws artists and musicians to tune in and recreate their own music. Music can allow access to unconscious creative aspects of one's being. Music is an expression of the self. It can hold an infinite amount of definitions, as the definition of what is or isn't music is highly individualized. The individuality associated with music is what makes it so special and unique to each person, since everyone interprets differently and some find the music they listen to, to be representative of themselves. Obviously any form of individual expression draws people in. Besides psychological impact, there is also the physiological effect of music. Release of the feel-good chemical dopamine, can often be connected to the melodious sounds one finds soothing or joyful. The ability of a song to move a person from a bad mood to a good one, is definitely a strong reason why music is so important to people.
To some people, a strong ability to read or produce music is compensatory for less-functioning...

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