The Impact Of Cultural Capital On Advertisement

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The impact of Cultural Capital on advertisement

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The French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu first proposed the concept of cultural capital. Since the 1980s, social capital has become a popular concept in many disciplines concerned and analysis of important starting point. Hofstede (1980) published a study in the field of cultural significance of the research results. In 1980s, scholars did a large number of cross-cultural consumer behavior based Hofstede’s cultural construct. After the 1990s, globalization and technological revolution in the joint action, cultural issues in all areas of marketing, reflected in all directions, the impact of ...view middle of the document...

"Linguistic capital, defined as the mastery of and relation to language, can be understood as a form of embodied cultural capital in that it represents a means of communication and self-presentation acquired from one's surrounding culture." (Bourdieu, 1990)
A hundred years ago, an American visited a Chinese government officer and his wife. First meeting, the American praised the officer’s wife was very beautiful. The officer replied: "Where, where." The American did not understand, thought and answered "from the top to the bottom." The officer still said "Where, where." The American got confused.
From this story is easy to see cultural shuck; when Chinese people are praised, they often reply "where" as a humble answer; meanwhile, Americans say "thank you". In advertising design should also consider this factor. For example, "white elephant" is a battery brand; they first translated their company name into English “White Elephant” directly, but found poor sales. Later, they realized that white elephant in some countries is considered to be useless things. Who will buy useless things? With the lion was sent to the company described as a powerful force. They renamed their company “Brown Lion”, meaning the battery is strong, powerful. Sales really improved.
In the study of language and culture, The Chinese company “Haier” was a successful story when it founded in China. The first time the company was called "qindao-libohaier", then before entering the international market, it changed its name to "haier", a catchy name is not only simple to speak, but also share the same pronunciation with "higher".
Language is the main tool of culture and communication. Languages ​​of different ethnic groups also showed different ways of thinking. It is this difference that has cultural differences, but it also constitutes an obstacle to advertising. However, in various languages, the same concept can be used to explain things or title meaning. Furthermore, it is this commonness for different cultures that provides a basis for communication. In the design of advertisement, the use of this commonness can make the advertising language have less effective results.

Objectified cultural capital
"Objectified cultural capital consists of physical objects that are owned, such as scientific instruments or works of art." (Wikipedia)
These cultural products can be transferred to economic capital such as Physical nature, in advertising design, mainly in aesthetic taste, business negotiations, consumption patterns, new product development and packaging, the color range on the part of Objectified cultural capital.
Today,color is called a universal language; it shapes the character and not only has the function to open up markets, but also has great promotional role. For example, red has been accepted in many countries, especially Asian countries such as China, Japan, Korea, India, in the festive activities. In these countries, streets and people’s houses are decorated...

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