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The Image Of Dsire Essay

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“The Image of Desire” is a narrative poem about a group of boys keeping vigil for a fox during the night. They have the desire to protect their “fortress” from the undesirable foe. The boys believed that their honor was on the line, as if they are soldiers in a war. The poem is enjoyable to read and not something one can take figuratively. The poem has some great rhythmic qualities and displays the story of the boys as it unfolds. I will walk you the reader through the poem line by line for a better understanding of the poem.
The poem is written as an Italian sonnet. The poem contains fourteen lines and written usually in iambic pentameter. The octave rhyme scheme is a b b a, a b b a, ...view middle of the document...

“Straining our ears to catch the swift, the soft, / The cunning coming of him or his like,” (lines 3-4). The word swift, when said, has a quick paced sound to it. Also, soft makes a subtle sound when said. With mixture of these two words it makes it sound like a thief that you will hear or see. Plus, the fourth line introduces the nature of the fox being a cunning creature. This combination makes a recipe of hard to catch foe.
The next line describes the boys holding up their fortress like men keeping wake. The boys feel a call of duty and felt they are like men. A pride of protecting something makes one feel mature and selfless; held to the task that one does not want and has to be silent. They felt like warriors protecting their treasure or items in their territory. The author uses in the next line the words, “solemn” and “grim” to describe this task. These words show how the important the boys thought this job was. It goes into detail that the boys were keeping great concentration on the fox that they did not even bother to ask what time it is. The boys felt that there honor was at stake which seems to be a key point in the poem. A boy to have his honor at stake does not involve a great risk but they felt this job was for their honor. “And often when the cock crew, shaking fire/ Out of the morning and the misty mow” (Line 9-10). The speaker then goes into detail about the morning beginning to dawn. He does not tell us this directly but tells us about

the cock crowing often. The cock also leads the reader to think that they are the farm which is true. The use of the words, “shaking fire, out of the morning” this is referring to the sun rising and dawn is coming. The picture he also gives of the misty mow. Mow is the pile of hay which lies in the field. So, this also confirms the idea of the setting being on a farm. The misty field does display a picture of mystery and the unknown. This is due to the fact that one enemy may...

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