The History Of Love Chapter Flood

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11.A week passed and misha and I ddnt speak
• A week since the incident or event with misha at his apartment and no contact
• Alma is probably going through a kind of sad emotion. One that she really hasn’t felt before.
• she starts to study her book on edible plants and flowers in north america and keeps herself busy by setting up her dads tent (breaking her previous record)

12. memories passed down

• she started remembering things about her dad.
• She used the Hebrew(feminine) way of counting numbers to kind of list her memories down

13. two weeks have passed
• Two weeks since the incedent and no contact
• Her uncle Julian also hadn’t left the house
• Charlote, almas mother had finished translating 11 chapters and will probably send them to Jacob ...view middle of the document...

15.the next day was Sunday
• Even though it was raining alma went to check out the City Municipal Archives which is where the records of births and deaths are placed.
16.chambers street room 103
• Alma approached the man behind the desk for in formation
• After a lengthy two hours of searching Alma got a good piece of advice from the man behind the desk.
• She would have to go to the Department of health to look for her death record if she died after 1948.
17.The worst mistake my mother ever made
• Alma wonders why her mother married a wilderness-loving enginer and not famous writer
• she also dialed mishas number but hung up once it rang.

18.then it was teusday
• Alma calls misha and tries to pretend nothing happened between them
• To Almas disappointment Misha is going to the movies with another girl named luba
• It wasn’t a good day for alma
• She went to the department of health (room 133)
• Alma couldn’t find her nameskes records which depressed her.
• She watched a movie and went to bed

19.lonely people are always up in the middle of the night
• Uncle Julian wakes her up in the middle of the night and asks her what she wants to be when she grows up
• To satisfy him she say a painter

20.Awake in the dark
• She thought about why Zvi littinoff married rosa

21.she must have gotten married!
• Alma realizes that the other Alma mightve gotten married.

22. being normal
• Alma stumbles upon Birds secret journal of attempts of him trying to be normal and belong.
• Also on a coming flood

Alma is experiencing love for the first time, but it is a bitter sweet feeling for her. Only too late does she realize who she is in love with, but she has already managed to ruin things between them.

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