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The Global Post Apocalypse Essay

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The Global Post-Apocalypse

Response Paper

The foreign movie I watched is a French zombie movie called ‘La Horde’. I had actually watched this movie a few times with subtitles and when reading the assignment immediately thought of this film.

This one review written by Felix Vasquez Jr mentions how it is not quite the same as other zombie movies due to lack of emphasis on the characters. ““La Horde” is one of the many zombie flicks that just doesn’t understand a good zombie movie has to be about the people in and around it and less about the zombies”. In this movie the zombies take center stage and you cannot get into the story. However it also mentions in this review ...view middle of the document...

The characters in this movie done whatever they had to do to survive and to keep their friends alive. It also shows that sometimes you need make unlikely alliances to achieve something and in this case the police had to make an unlikely alliance to stay alive.

The plot revolves around a group of policemen who embark on a mission seeking revenge after one of their colleagues was killed by a notorious drug dealer They storm a tower apartment complex with the intent of taking him down, but the operation is a failure and the team is captured. Suddenly, both sides find themselves confronted by a zombie apocalypse. Then the cops and criminals forge an uneasy alliance to survive.

This movie is different to the typical post-apocalyptic stories we have studied this semester due to the fact there is not a solid storyline in this movie. The director’s and producers main aim is to produce as much gore as possible. The stories we have read have all had a solid storyline behind them and actually thrilled its audience compared to “La Horde” where you have never seen so much blood in a movie. There are obviously different target audiences in America compared to France and “La Horde” might be an example of a movie that would be successful there but would not even make it in the theatres here.

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