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The Genesis Of Mental Health Counseling

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Palmo, Weikel, and Boros (2006) discussed mental health counseling emergence dealing with moral treatment and vocational guidance. It was known that in the beginning those with mental health problems were seen to have a spiritual disorder and were sent to asylums with horrible conditions. Palmo, Weikel and Boros (2006) discussed the change in attitude that allowed those with mental illness to be viewed as people with serious problems. Instead of locking the people away, they were treated with various therapy methods to help them acclimate back in to society. There was also a need for counseling after the Civil War and institutions change dramatically. “State asylums were required to ...view middle of the document...

In the beginning people were assessed based on their heredity and socioeconomic status. Alfred Benet and Theodore Simon were among the first to create an assessment that “tested the differences between normal and retarded children” so they can be properly placed in educational programs. This led to the concept of mental age which became intelligence quotient (IQ). This started the creation of different assessments that helped identify clients and their needs.
Nonmedical approaches to psychotherapy and the development of theories to normal human development also helped advance the mental health profession. Carl Rogers introduced client-centered therapy that focused more on the having the client see the talents and skills they possess to create a positive outcome for them. This method did not use any medication and focused on relationship between the client and counselor to create a favorable outcome. This idea spawned a wide range of therapies that did not use medication as a solution. Developing theories of normal human development allowed the mental health profession to develop a foundation of what “normal” behavior looks like so they will be able to distinguish between abnormal. This helps because it allows counselor see were their client is at and were they should be developmentally.
Group counseling and psychotherapy developments were major milestones for the profession. Group...

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