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The Gay Population Essay

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Healthcare Disparities amongst minorities
Racial and ethnic minorities have a predisposition to obtain a lower quality of healthcare than those of non-minorities, even when access-related factors, such as a patients’ insurance status and income, are measured. The sources of these disparities are complex, and are rooted in historic and contemporary injustices, and includes numerous participants at several levels, including health systems, their administrative and bureaucratic processes, utilization managers, healthcare professionals, and patients.
Research and studies have found indications that stereotyping, prejudices, and uncertainty on the behalf of healthcare providers can ...view middle of the document...

Economic incentives should be considered for practices that improve provider-patient communication and trust, and reward appropriate screening, preventive, and evidence-based clinical care. In addition, payment systems should avoid the shattering of health plans along socioeconomic lines.
The ability for healthcare professionals to deliver quality care to racial and ethnic minorities can be greatly improved by increasing the proportion of under-represented U.S. racial and ethnic minorities among health professionals. Not to mention, both the patients and providers can benefit from education. Patients can benefit from culturally-competent and appropriate education programs to improve their knowledge- base on how to access quality health-care and their ability to participate in clinical-decision making decisions. The greater burden of education, needless to say, lies within the health care providers. Cross-cultural programs should be integrated early into the training of future healthcare providers, and practical, case-based, rigorously evaluated training should persist through continuing education programs. Finally, the collecting of, reporting of, and monitoring of patient care information by health plans and federal and state payors should be stimulated as a means to assess progress in eliminating disparities, to evaluate intervention efforts, and to assess potential civil rights violations. There are a variety of interventions applied at the level of health- care systems may prove to be effective as a part of a comprehensive, multi-level strategy to address racial and ethnic disparities in healthcare.
In this modern age of continually ever-increasing healthcare expenses, cost control is an important goal of all health systems. To the extent possible, however, setting limits on healthcare by health plans should be based on substantiation of effectiveness. The application of evidence to healthcare delivery, such as through the use of...

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