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Before listing the stages of team development I believe it’s important to understand the dynamics of a team. Every group has its own standards of behavior which ultimately brings both culture and cohesion to the group, furthermore, the stages of team development which entails Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing and Adjourning are structured in a sequential to ensure a team is operating effectively with maximum productiveness. These stages as explained by psychologist Bruce Tuckman are the stages in which people go through as they form bonds with each other and work together effectively. In the Forming stage team members make ...view middle of the document...

In theory a Gantt Chart would be a great organizational tool for a team in the forming and storming stages of the team building process. My team structured the our Gantt Chart in the shape of a pyramid, descending from most important being the standing structure to the least important being the cosmetics. Our Gantt Chart was very specific in that everyone had their own specific task coming build day, however, things took a turn in a direction that did not favor the the charts structured tasks. The Transferable Integrated Design Engineering Education (TIDEE), is a structured design process in which helps an engineer design a product. There is a total of five steps in this process, these process are information gathering, problem definition, idea generation, evaluation and decision making and implementation. the TIDEE process was very much utilize in the our Xetna tower/elevator project design, each stage of the TIDEE process came with its own specific problems. The information gathering stage provide the team with a guidelines needed to begin sketching ideas out in the Gantt Chart. The problem definition completely revolved around the criteria of the towers, in our case we put all our focus on the requirements of the tower, we realized in this stage of the TIDEE process that the best solution to our goal is to stick to the basic requirements. The next step is idea generation, in stage comes into play after design criteria’s were set, in this stage the team explored creative routes in how to structure the workload of the project. The Evaluation and Decision stage is where the team picked the best ideas for design that also fits the projects criteria. Lastly the implementation stage utilized the Gantt Chart in taking tasks and designs off paper and into practice. Overall the TIDEE steps were followed and streamline the teams organizational processes. At the end of the project I was mostly product of the the fact that our elevator worked...

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2820 words - 12 pages distressing number of project managers, too) think only of a Gantt chart when they think of a project plan. You may recognize it as what you get from Microsoft Project. This is better called a project schedule, in that it shows when we expect the various sections of the project to happen. We will come back to this later. What we want to have in our project plan is: 1. Aim of project 2. Outputs. 3. Quality criteria. 4. Resources. 5

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