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The Future Of Food Essay

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The Future of Food

After viewing the movie “The Future of Food”, I believe that food one day will be controlled completely. Biotechnology is taking over thus, more foods will be stripped of their natural abilities that the human body benefits from. Genetically engineered food is killing us slowly with pesticides and other unhealthy poisonous stuff being added to them. With that said, the future does not look good. In due time, organic food companies will be no more. The quantity of food might rise due to biotechnology but, more will occur. It would be like a mass murder if disease spread like wild fire after biotechnology ...view middle of the document...

Basically, food is an addiction yet it is essential for survival. With Biotechnology, people will be supplied more of what they want but, they will be more susceptible to bacteria and getting diseases. Therefore, biotechnology is more harmful than good. Biotechnology’s only benefit is that it will keep the population in check by slowly killing people by limiting how long they live for. This is to keep America and other countries from over populating. Every country may be different. China for instance limits babies from being born for each couple. When a couple in China want to have a baby, they are only allowed to have one child. This is known as the “One-Child Policy”. Americans however do not have any policy therefore, there are more people to feed thus Biotechnology comes in. I do believe future generations will not be anywhere near healthier than the generations of today. Food will not be a good source if Biotechnology does take over further. If Biotechnology goes further, it could lead to many problems for future generations. Future generations could have problems such as diseases that could lead to early deaths or slower deaths. Overall, the future of food does not look like it will have a bright future ahead. With governments wanting to limit population, they will more than likely find a way to sneak unhealthy ways into the healthiest foods without our knowledge. That is what our government and other governments will always do behind the backs of their own people.

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