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The Future Is Not Just A Game

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The Future is Not Just a Game
Superstar, can’t miss, elite, amazing, Mr. Everything, golden boy, Protégé, sure thing, gifted, or all-star athlete, if these terms are used to describe an amateur athlete does it mean that they will automatically become a professional athlete and make millions? Of course it does not. I have coached basketball for ten years at a local middle school and I have heard parents and other coaches label student athletes as a sure thing to make it on the college level. It is really sad when only a couple of these kids even go to college, while most end up working entry level jobs like Price Chopper, gas stations, and fast food. Even if a student athlete is talented ...view middle of the document...

Parents are not the only people that can put sports in front of education. Teachers and coaches often make this mistake. I have seen firsthand and also heard about teachers giving less homework or even easier work to the jocks than they do regular students. Teachers have also been known to extend due dates and even adjust grades just so the Superstar athlete can play in the big game. Coaches can sometimes forget that their players are still in school and not professional athletes. Coaches during the heat of the season tend to add practices to the practice schedule. I’ve even seen coaches that will make the players run a full practice after a tough loss no matter what time of day or night it is. When I played back in high school I can remember that the entire team was made to run for an extra hour after practice if we lost the night before. Our coach never thought that once we got home we still had homework to finish or to study for a test. There were many evenings that I just went home and passed out without my schoolwork being finished. Let’s not forget about those weeknight away games. Once again taking time away from education since you would not get home some evenings until late. Players also need to learn plays and of course coaches put short time lines on learning them so once again sports is placed in front of studying and homework. Middle school and high school athletes can play up to three different sports a year which of course means learning three different playbooks, practices almost the entire school year and a lot of traveling after school for games, all taking time away from education.
If the student is not willing to put forth the work then no amount of assistance will help him. “The majority of it lies with the student-athlete himself. Ultimately despite the influences of anyone else, it’s up to him to get the job done.” (Griffin). Student-Athletes need to make sure that they set time aside for homework and studying. It is way too easy for a star athlete to feel that they should get special treatment since most people around them treat them differently than an average student. Even colleges and universities treat the elite athletes differently. The average GPA needed for the student athlete to attend college is 2.5 and the average ACT score needed is 17 (Griffin). Non-athletes have to have an average GPA of 3.0 and an ACT score of around 21. Middle and high schools and also colleges will have tutors and or special learning centers to help star players to stay eligible. With all this extra help it still comes down to the player having the will to put the time into the books.
A perfect example of this is currently taking place at an area high school. As a junior last year, Their main basketball player scored his 1,000 point; and at the end of the season, was only 201 points from being the all-time leading scorer. The boys’ varsity...

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