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The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

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1. The end of the Cold War changed the world order and brought about several challenges for the international system. This occurrence, which was received with mixed feelings around the world, became the precursor of many challenges that we currently face as global citizens. The fall of communism and rapid spread of democracy around the world led to the fall of several autocratic regimes. This was followed by violent conflicts especially in sub-Saharan Africa and parts of Eastern Europe as people demanded more rights and freedom from oppression. ...view middle of the document...

Poor people have very limited access to education, which makes it difficult for them to compete in a globalized world that that is driven by technology. As people in the global south remain poor and are constantly being exploited by their respective governments, the stage is being set for violent conflicts. This could occur as a result of the people’s quest for justice and more access to the wealth of their countries. Additionally, poor and uneducated people tend to become vulnerable and could be easily recruited by organized criminals, terrorists, shady politicians and insurgents for unscrupulous vices.

4. The resultant effect of this would be insecurity in some regions of the world, especially the poor global south, which could spread to other regions through globalization. Also, poor people are likely to migrate to developed countries for economic reasons. The developed countries would then have to contend with rising numbers of immigrants who might not have the requisite skills to drive the economies of these countries. Some of these immigrants are likely to come with their customs and religious beliefs which could lead to conflict within the communities in which they reside.

5. Accordingly, I think world stability, security and prosperity depends largely on the eradication of poverty in the poorest areas of the globe. It seems to me that the grant of financial aid to poor countries would not solve the problem as poor countries are often characterized by widespread corruption. Thus, developed states need to assist poor countries to develop by partnering with these countries in the areas of infrastructure development, fostering liberal democracy through constant engagement and building of strong democratic institutions. I believe that strong democratic institutions would enable the rule of law to flourish in these weak states. This, in my view, would enhance global stability, security and prosperity.


6. Religious related conflicts are common in the contemporary world at present. Although most conflicts are caused by factors other than religion, several conflicts have been sustained through religious sentiments. In the world today, countries in the developed north are becoming increasingly secular and religion has been separated from the state. These countries are also rich and have a high percentage of educated citizens. Thus, it is difficult for their citizens to be manipulated by extremists for violent causes. In contrast to the developed countries, there is religious resurgence in the global south especially in sub-Saharan Africa. This trend could be attributed to poverty and the need to find solace somewhere, which religious organisations readily provide. However, the increase in the number of migrants from poor to rich countries overtime has brought about some tensions along religious lines. In my view, as immigrants get used to their new environment, they would desire to establish their identity in...

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